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Pale Luster / FEB22
When you look through time, there are certain elements of the past that transcend through time, making their place in the present.
This shoot is about remembering one last time, This shoot is about the celebration of loss.
The mirrors still reflect the lights, illuminate the house and mesmerize you,
The pinks and blues still adorn the walls of this place.
The pinks and the blues are soon going to be replaced with greys and browns, covered with dust.
The house you see in these photos, does not exist anymore but we are going to remember it the way she chooses, she is going to leave her mark here.
Before all is gone and there’s nothing left but shredded mental pictures of an object, a person, and a place. All.
She has roamed around the house and has touched every surface, she has sung and danced through the hallways, she has walked on top of tables and cabinets.
The house you see in these photos, has her print all over her now.
The house you see in these photos, does not exist anymore.
Credits /
Set Design & Art Direction / Mona Haddad / @mn.haddad
Video & Light / Eghbal Raoufi / @eghbalraoufi
Talent / Nastaran Vaziri / @nactvaziri
Talent / Marieh Asadzadeh / @mariehasadzadeh
Stylist / Fateme Moaven / @fatememoavenofficial
Stylist Assistant / Elham Shakibaee / @ellassayins
MUA / Paria Asadzadeh / @pariaasadzadeh_
Hair / Rosha Ramezani / @haircut_by_rosha
Music Producer / Nima Zaad / @nimzaad 
Music Producer & Mix / Hamed Amini / @hamedxamini
Statement / Toranj Nasiri / @toranjns
Designers /
Kouk Shol / Garments / @koukshol
Nina Ebadi / Garments / @ninaebadi
EN to Zed / Corsets /
Nazanin Ebadi / Accessories / @nazaninebadi
Deev O Pari / Accessories / @deevopari
Artman / Shoes /
Zad Old / Shawls / @zad.oldhandmades
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