Hessam Yekta is a fashion photographer based in Tehran. He focuses on showcasing the shapes, colors, and moods being released by the area's newest fashion designers while taking inspiration from great fashion photographers of the past. Currently, he's working on editorials, campaigns, and lookbooks for different designers.

roll up Magazine / Issue #25 Vol.2 / JAN-23 Newyork
17:23 Magazine / Issue 41 Vol.1 / JAN-23 Kyiv
Purplehaze Magazine / Book 008 / DEC-22 Berlin
MOB Journal / Volume 27-Issue 26 / SEP-22 Montreal
WhenWithYou Magazine / Issue 02 / SEP-22 London
Ponny Magazine / Issue 011 / OCT-22 Mexico-city
Contributor Magazine / Webitorial / DEC-21